Minimalpen is a creative project in which drawings and photographs are produced. The
compositions involved include individual pieces of work as well as inter-linked series of




Minimalpen is a minimalised form of representation. Most works consist of just a few
strokes, splashes of colour or design elements. The format is usually on the same minimalist
scale as the representation.





Minimalpen is small, inconspicuous and circumstantial. A sharpener, a paper-weight, a
ginkgo leaf, a glance at the sky, a glimpse at a plate, cranes ascending in the air, three points
and a line or an endearing Mini-Monster.





Minimalpen is a treasure hunt. A search for small pearls, for precious moods and for
priceless moments. They can be found everywhere and are just waiting to be discovered.
Minimalpen collects things of no value in a way which enriches life.